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My name is Jess

I'm a natural light photographer turning videographer in Central Pennsylvania.

I'm obsessed with creating love and nurturing touch infused, nostalgic family photos and films...  

PNW Photographer

Films are so special because they can really tell your story... 

If we fast forward your life 20 years... What do you think you will miss most about your life, right now? 

What if we made those moments into a film that your family could watch over and over as though they were looking in upon a memory? 

I'm gonna get really honest for a second and ask you one more question... what do you want your kids to remember about you? You may have thought you were booking this session for yourself, but won't it also be for your children, one day? I can bet that they will appreciate watching these films as they are growing up, and continue revisiting them when they've grown and life is a little more complicated than it used to be... 

*special offer

  •  2-3 minute family film with licensed music

  • 25 digitals + Print Release

  • 10 4x6 Prints from a professional lab 

  • Packaged in a wooden box, with a matching USB to preserve your session.


Plus Sales Tax


Family Films can come  in so many forms... it can be a session inside your home, doing the things you do every day with your family... it can be spending time together exploring and snuggling on an outdoor adventure...  they can have a theme, and they can be spontaneous... Whatever you had in mind for your photoshoot can be delivered in a way that captures movement, voices, laughter, and emotion that gives LIFE to what would have been still shots. 

I am SO excited to share my passion with you!  

*all clients who schedule a full session have access to my growing client closet + accessories! 


give me all the windswept
tresses & dresses
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