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Hi! My name is Jess


I live in Altoona with my husband and our two little man cubs.  I've been a licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2006.  And of course, just like all photography pages say... I love coffee, too.  Even better with chocolate. 

I don't care how long ago it was, I'll always love Twilight, and I also don't care, if that makes me less cool.  I'm obsessed with browns and greens, tall pine trees and foggy mountainsides and I also happen to sort of like rainy days, so what can I say? The esthetics feel like they're deep within my soul. We traveled to the PNW last fall, and I've missed it every day, since! (Just ask my husband) I'm inspired by wild and rugged landscapes, but also love shooting in peoples' homes. My biggest dream is to have a cabin out west. (the closer to WA, the better)

A little PSA- Twinkie lights improve EVERYTHING!

If I had a spirit animal, it would probably be a horse.  I can be a bit flighty and fearful, but like to have my space and feel free while, also being pretty aware of the vibes within my surroundings.  See? JUST like a horse. 


When I'm not listening to p&w, I'm probably indulging in some 90's grunge. Seeing the 90's trends coming back makes my heart SO full. 

I'm very sensitive, and my superpower is empathy. I cry easily, and love to find out I'm not alone in that. I'm a free spirit- hippie through and through, so Jesus and my husband are my rocks. Thank you for stopping by, and know that you are loved... so much... whether you believe or not, Jesus loves you. I spent the majority of my life thinking I had to do it alone, and if you take away one sentence from this little paragraph, know that He loves you, too! 

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