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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for our session?

After a deposit is made and a session date is booked, Dear Beloved Photography (DBP) will require a phone conversation to plan and discuss the expectations and specifications regarding the session. During this conversation, things like, locations and styling will be addressed.  Please reach out if you have any additional questions! They may need to be added to this page! 

Some favorite tips are: snacks (be careful that whatever you choose will not stain skin or mouths) for kiddos, Bug Spray, (this is a necessity in central PA! Please don't forget this one) water, some old clothes and shoes (Sometimes a little hiking is necessary to reach the desired location to photograph. Trekking in long grass/weeds and up/down banks may be required so make sure to discuss any reservations/restrictions and bring appropriate clothing/shoes. Don't forget sunscreen + tissues. 

What if my kids are in a bad mood/won't cooperate?

DBP's style is non traditional, so truly... the focus is to capture them as they are. DBP allows plenty of time because  there is no "rushing children". A relaxed time setting allows for plenty of time to give breaks. Keep your schedule flexible, breathe, and I'll handle the rest!  


What happens if we schedule an outdoor session and the weather is bad?

DBP prefers to shoot 2-3 hours before sunset and within 2 hours after sunrise, but if we are fighting a rainy forecast, we won't need to worry about early or late sessions because of clouds. If we can be flexible and move the session to a window of the day that will miss the rain, that is what we will do! If we can not find a window without rain for our session day, it will have to be postponed or if you wish, we can proceed in your home. We can do everything inside that we planned on doing outside. If you want to reschedule so our session will take place outside, it is up to DBP's discretion and availability. Weather is uncontrollable, and there is no guarantee that the next date will be better than the first, so if it is possible to shoot on our reserved date, we will make all effort to do so.  A reschedule will only be given for extreme situations. 

Will I get my deposit back if I change my mind about doing a session with Dear Beloved Photography?

Deposits are non refundable and only transferable to purchasing client, under emergency situations. A deposit secures a date for the client, however it also reserves a portion from the photographer's personal and professional time. That time is valuable and can not be moved on a whim. 

What if I have not paid my remainder session fee one week prior to our session? 

DBP reserves the right to offer the reserved session date to another client. All fees must be paid in full prior to session date. Payments will be permitted under the discretion of DBP. 

Can you photoshop that?

Photoshop is not DBP's first love.  The idea is to get things right IN camera so time is not wasted trying to fix what wasn't. There is a common myth that photographers are magical unicorns  who can create and fix anything with photoshop and while that may be true for some, it is not for DBP. Simple skin retouching (removing temporary blemishes) is provided with no additional charge. Slimming may be performed on request with an additional fee. If you are interested in photoshop slimming, let DBP know that at the time of session.  DBP is NOT responsible for removing (for example- dye from children's lips because they ate a blue lollipop on the way to the photo session) This has never been requested yet, but have heard horror stories in photog groups of this exact scenario so it was added, here. 

Why do sessions cost so much? 

Dear Beloved Photography is a professional LLC. Taxes, website fees, insurance, software subscriptions, education, equipment, client wardrobe, materials, branding and experience are just some of what sets photographers apart. DBP creates an experience for its clients which extends farther than a traditional style photoshoot. Sessions with DBP can accumulate 30+ hours POST session. (yes, you read that right) DBP values FAMILY... Clients' AND her own.

Do you travel? 

Yes! Traveling is so much fun and such an honor! Included in the session cost is the distance within a 25 mile radius. Once exceeding that distance, $1.50 per mile will be added to the session fee.  If you are requesting a session out of state, give me a call and lets chat! There are several places I would love to photograph, perhaps with a travel discount for portfolio building! 

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