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What is aCouple's session?

Couples photography is often thought of as engagement photography...

Here's an idea... Let's capture your love in whichever stage of life you are in right NOW? When was the last time you had professional photos taken with your person? If it was engagement or wedding photos, we need to remedy that!


People have shared with me that often times, the last photos taken with their spouse, was their wedding. Sometimes there isn't a professional photo taken until their adult children's wedding... this grieves my heart. 

If it were a peanut butter and jelly sandwich of life, we’re talking about the peanut butter and jelly that’s missing here, friends... 

The prime years spent, raising children... growing in careers… 

Geez, growing TOGETHER...  Celebrating marriage is one of the most beautiful things that I like to photograph. 

Children deserve to see and remember this love their parents share. YOU deserve to remember what your love story looks like... 

For my couples, it can be an opportunity to reconnect and rediscover one another. Make a date night out of it! Get dolled up… hire a babysitter and go out to dinner, after...

If your thing is cooking together, and staying in... Let's photograph you in your element! I love doing sessions both outside, and in homes! 

Make some memories and better yet, VISUALLY SAVOR THEM! You will never regret the photos you have, with your person.

Each day is a precious gift...



"Baby, let's stay home tonight

We can put a couple records on

We can build a fire alright

Maybe we can dance till dawn

Everything will be just fine

Don't even have to put clothes on

I can keep you warm inside

Baby, let's stay home tonight'


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